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A place of returns; health to your body, wellness to your spirit, and calm to your heart. The Waterfront Spa at Seaside is a contemplative place of healing and recovery on our third floor with a view looking out over the sea, Vancouver, and the boundless horizon. Intimate and welcoming, staffed by the best: you don’t deserve any less.

Good isn’t enough; you deserve the best. Maintaining the latest in equipment, training extensively in the most current method, practice, and technique in personal care, and using only industry-leading Pharmacopia products is only the beginning.

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Let the panoramic view from our floor-to-ceiling windows carry you away as you feel yourself renewed; the rolling of the waves and the city rising above a beacon for your imagination. Build the care regimen that you want from a wide selection of offers and have a customized experience each time you visit. We want you to have the perfect spa experience, every time.

For more Information, email Tel: 604 973 1476

A rejuvenating experience to help soothe your soul and free you from the toxic effect of stress with a combination of perfect ambience and exceptional treatments.

Massage, facials, and the widest range of body care treatments available, performed to the highest standard.

Manicures and Pedicures to make you glow. Sometimes it’s the details that make the moments perfect.